LearnSpace LearnSpace User's Guide
Version 3.1


LearnSpace is a software solution that allows multiple users to share one or more displays wirelessly through a common Wi-Fi/802.11 connection. This allows these users to share any content from their notebook computers through software.

This product is meant to address a few problems common to classrooms and meeting spaces:

  1. Remove any obstacles from sharing your content with others
  2. Give users as much display real estate as they could ever want
  3. Make this solution available to anyone in the room, in real time, with sharing policies to govern use.
If you routinely use a notebook computer and meet with others in classrooms or conference rooms, LearnSpace is a solution intended to help you and others get the most from your time together.

If you are an IT Administrator and need to deploy to multiple machines or multiple users, please refer to the Deployment Guide.


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